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If you want us to throw in everything but the kitchen sink – or even if you want everything and the kitchen sink – we can handle it.

Our shipping container modifications and accessories, which include everything from air conditioning to lighting systems to security measures, greatly improve the functionality, security, and comfort of any custom container. Whether you use your container as a storage space, a jobsite office, a concession stand – or anything else – we can help you make the most of it with our shipping container accessories.

Functionality, Efficiency, and Comfort

Significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your custom container’s space.

Part of the appeal of a custom container is that you can do virtually anything with it. If you’re using a custom container as a storage space, you might not want to play Tetris with your stuff all day figuring out what goes where. Our custom storage shelving systems and racks are the perfect solution to quickly and easily maximize storage space.

If you’re at a job site and you need somewhere to quickly and easily go over blueprints, you might find our custom desk installations to be preferable to the hood of your truck. Why settle for a makeshift setup when our shipping container modifications can provide you with a quick and easy solution?

Available Modifications

Available shipping container modifications:

  • Windows & Door Installation
  • AC / Heat Installation
  • Roll-up Doors on Both Ends

Available shipping container accessories:
  • Shelving Systems & Pipe Racks
  • Lighting Packages
  • Locks and Locking Accessories


custom container interior

custom container interior

custom office shelves

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